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Fial Incorporated
Fial Products
Since 1978, Fial Incorporated has designed and delivered the best possible products. We offer a variety of rack mounted, supporting network devices including Remote Encoders, Protocol Converters and Data Bridges. If we don’t already offer a product that solves your problem, we can design and build it for you. Challenges are our specialty.
Server/Client software that allows for remote monitoring and control of the Ratheon JPS DSP Voter System
Our microprocessor controlled RTU's interface to an MCS-11, SNMP, or SCADA system. They can be accessed by the Fial Next Generation Manager or directly using a WEB or CRAFT connection.
  2311AL      2314/2316      2310      2315     
IP Tunnel
Bridge one, or up to five, MCS-11 network connections over an IP network.
Data Bridges
Direct MCS-11 traffic from one network to adjacent network segments.
  2110C      2120      2130      2135     
Protocol Converters
Bi-directionally converts (both alarms and controls) Low Speed Protocol (LSP) or TBOS to MCS-11
  2070      2015     
Protection Switches
One or two outputs protected by up to fourteen inputs, typically used for satellite up-link protection.
  3021      3031      3142     
Programable Delay
Wall mount units that offer contact closure alarm conditioning.
  6300      5560