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Fial Incorporated
Network Management

The Next Generation Manager (NGM) is a thoroughly modern SNMP fault manager. Powerful and flexible, the NGM incorporates your legacy and proprietary equipment for management under one unique, easy to use and cost effective platform. We support the most prevalent microwave radios used in the telecommunications industry today. Virtually any network element can be added to the NGM for complete and native monitoring. The NGM will relay any information the device is capable of offering. More than just trap visibility, we diligently profile the network element and offer our customers a comprehensive view.

The NGM has native support for the following protocols: SNMP, V1, V2, V3, Badger, FarScanTM, MCS-11, and TL-1. The NGM product suite has evolved, and continues to evolve, by incorporating new devices, protocols and features requested by our customers. Let us provide a demonstration for you today.

NGM Tech Data Sheet