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Fial Incorporated
6300 DS3 Programmable Delay (3-channel)
View larger photos of the 6300 DS3 Programmable Delay (3-channel)
View larger photos of the 6300 DS3 Programmable Delay (3-channel)
Key Features:

DS3 Programmable Delay
STS-1 and E3 Options
Three Separate DS3 Delay Lines
89 ns to 183 µsec Delay / DS3 Line
Wide Range DC Power Input

High speed digital signal alignment; user defined delays for up to 3 DS3 (optionally DST-1 or E3) signals; each signal delay independently settable for approximately 90 nanoseconds to 180 microseconds delay; 1 RU high; multiple rack mounting positions; 18 to 56 VDC floating power supply

Model 6300 Characteristics
Telemetry Channel Interface  
     Three Input and Output Port Pairs
     BNC Jack (female center pin)
     Delay Range / DS3 Line:
     (delay varies with signal baud rate)
DS3 (optionally STS-1 or E3)
Inputs and Outputs: 75Ω unbalanced
Inputs and Outputs: > 26 dB return loss
Inputs and Outputs: floating or grounded
LBO Settings: ≤ 225 ft, > 225 ft
89.41 nsec to 45.83985 µsec
Increments: 22.35 nsec
48.09720 µsec to 91.63500 µsec
     Increments: 44.70 nsec
91.63500 µsec to 137.43015 µsec
     Increments: 67.06 nsec
137.45250 µsec to 183.22530 µsec
     Increments: 89.41 nsec
      Windows configuration program
(determine DIP switch settings)
LED Indicators  
      Unit power and unit fail status
Input signal detect
     Input Power Range
     Power Consumption
     Power Connection
18 to 56 VDC, floating
5 Watts
Barrier Strip, two #6 screws
(separate chassis ground strap)
     Operating Temperature
     Humidity Range
     Storage Temperature
0 to +50° C
5% to 95%, Non-condensing
-40 to +70° C
Physical Characteristics  
     Shelf Size
     Rack Mounting:
     Shelf Weight
1.75” H (1 RU), 19” W, 11” D
Flush, 2” or 5 1/8” projection
5 pounds