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Fial Incorporated
About Us

For over 30 years Fial Incorporated has designed and delivered the best possible products and services to our customers. Through the years, our company has changed and grown in ways both predictable and not so predictable. From our humble beginning in personal computer sales to our current position as a nationally recognized manufacturer of quality telecom products, our two most important values have remained constant: Offer the best in customer service. Offer the best in design integrity.

The History of Fial Incorporated
Kathleen Fial, President

Our Past
In the late 1970s several manufacturers began marketing “personal computers”. These smaller systems took the world by storm. Finally, small companies and individuals could have their own processing capability in their own offices.

Ron and I had often discussed the benefits of owning our own business. Ron had a lifelong interest in electronics and technology. My background was in human resources and office management. We envisioned a company that produced products of the highest quality and reliability, that placed a priority on responsive customer service and support, and that honored the individuality and family commitment of our employees.

In January of 1978, we did what so many other optimistic Americans had done before us. We took out a second mortgage on our house and started Fial Incorporated. We began retailing personal computers, and within a very short time we became an international distributor, supporting a network of other retailers.

It was soon very apparent that these new computers had some drawbacks. Quality control was poor. We solved that by carefully checking out every unit that came through our doors. There was no such thing as applications software, or for that matter, any software. And few, if any, hardware interface equipment.

We soon realized that what our customers needed now was someone to develop and design the stuff that they needed to accomplish their own specific projects. This was an area that was right up Ron’s alley.

Ron has the innate ability to listen to our customers’ problem and design a product that will meet the need they have today and also the need that they will have tomorrow.

We shifted our focus from retailing and wholesaling to custom design, what I called “computer engineering”.

We worked on any problem presented to us. We developed accounting software, industrial processes, and black boxes that fulfilled a specific, if esoteric, need. Our nitch was, and is, that we will design hardware with a very limited and targeted use, sometimes with a requirement of only one or two units.

We eventually designed a product that was used in microwave telecom. The success of that product led to other similar contracts and the development of a knowledge base and expertise in telecom monitoring and network management. We again shifted our focus.

Our Present
In order to best meet the needs of our telecommunications customers, we started by taking the view that monitoring products by their very nature must be more reliable than the equipment they are monitoring. We developed our NMS, the Next Generation Manager (NGM) with this principal in mind.

The NGM has become our flagship product and is widely used by government agencies, utility companies, fortune 500 companies and small businesses the world over. Our vast knowledge of past and present telecom products gave us a way to help our customers bridge their legacy products to their modern equipment.

We now assist our customers with a varied line of network management software and hardware, all designed with rigorous attention to the creation of products that work reliably out of the crate and continue to work reliably for years and years in all environmental conditions.

Our Future
As our planet looks for consistent renewable energy, we are poised to offer service and products to support this emerging market. We are beginning to glimpse the needs we might fulfill in the exciting area of Wind, Wave and Solar energy. If you have a need for hardware or software in this area, let us design it for you as we look forward to the next decades.