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Fial Incorporated
2130 Five Port Data Bridge, ELMC
View larger photos of the 2130 Five Port Data Bridge, ELMC
View larger photos of the 2130 Five Port Data Bridge, ELMC
Key Features:

Ring and Linear Operation
Bridging and Filtering
Embedded Craft Interface
Remote Access
Telemetry Performance Data
Wide Range DC Power Input
Proven ELMC Compatibility
Synchronous and Asynchronous

Up to five way bi-directional bridging of Extended Link Monitor Channel (ELMC) protocol; two ports can create ELMC ring protection; multiple bridge concatenation for bridging beyond five ports; format conversion between async 19200 baud and synchronous (e.g. channel bank) connections; 1 RU high; multiple rack mounting positions; 18 to 56 VDC floating power supply

Model 2130 Characteristics
Telemetry Channel Interface  
     Five Communication Ports
     15 pin female D-Sub (DB15F) shielded
     Ports 1 & 2
     Ports 3 & 4
     Port 5
     Bridging Modes, Ring
     Bridging Modes, Linear
     Performance Data
All ports RS-422 (RS-530/RS-449/V.35 compatible)
Asynchronous (async) or Synchronous (sync)
Async Mode (bridge to radio): 19.2 kb/s, 8/N/1, all ports
Sync Mode (bridge to bridge): 19.2 to 75 kb/s, DTE, all ports
Port 5, switch selectable DTE or 64 kb/s DCE
Mode automatically sensed at startup
Bad packet suppression optional
DTE accepts clock, DCE supplies clock

Ring or local drop

Local drop

Local drop or connection to another bridge

Hub plus Selective

Hub, Switch Polls and Switch All plus Selective

Packets, buffers, comm errors and ring faults
Craft Configuration Port  
     9 pin female D-Sub (DB9F) shielded RS-232, ASCII, 19,200 baud
8/N/1, no parity, no flow control
Embedded local configuration program
(remote bridge access via Windows program and
ELMC port - laptop needs RS-232 to RS-422 converter)
LED Indicators  
      Unit power and unit fail
Port TX & RX activity
     Input Power Range
     Power Consumption
     Power Connection
18 to 56 VDC, floating
4 Watts
Barrier Strip, two #6 screws
(separate chassis ground strap)
     Operating Temperature
     Humidity Range
     Storage Temperature
0 to +50° C
5% to 95%, Non-condensing
-40 to +70° C
Physical Characteristics  
     Shelf Size
     Rack Mounting
     Shelf Weight
1.75” H (1 RU), 19” W, 11” D
Flush, 2” or 5 1/8” projection
6 pounds


   2130 Tech Data Sheet (PDF file size 1.22 MBs)
2130 Tech Data Sheet (View as Webpage)
   2130 Manual (PDF file size 675.39 KBs)