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Fial Incorporated
3031 Uplink Power Controller & Protection Switch
View larger photos of the 3031 Uplink Power Controller & Protection Switch
View larger photos of the 3031 Uplink Power Controller & Protection Switch
Key Features:

Uplink Power Control (UPC)
    Channel A can provide up to 20 dB
    signal boost based upon satellite
    beacon receiver voltage
Dual Input Protection Switch
    Two Inputs plus Alignment Input
    One Output
Any Input Switched to Output
Automatic A/B Switching Based Upon
    Input or Output Signal Power Loss
    (or by Remote Command)
Front Panel Override
Essentially Transparent to Signals
Dual AC Power Supplies

One output protected by two inputs (all connections 75 ohm); protection via remote or local control or automatically monitored loss of input or output power; optional up link power boost (up to 20 dB) controlled by satellite beacon receiver voltage (HPA compression compensation); 2 RU high; 100 to 130 VAC power supply

Model 3031 Characteristics
Channel Interfaces  
     Dual Input Channels 1 and 2
     Lineup Tone Input
     Single Output Channel
     75 BNC Jack (female center pin), all channels
     Channel 1 Minimum Gain:
     Channel 1 Maximum Gain:
Inputs and Outputs: 75Ω unbalanced
Inputs and Outputs: > 26 dB return loss
Operating Frequency Range: 70 MHz ± 20 MHz
Minimum Power Input: -20 dBm
Maximum Power Output: +10 dBm
0 dB ± 0.1 dB
20 dB +1.0, -0.1 dB
          Channel 1 gain is based upon satellite beacon receiver voltage. Voltage to gain relationship user defined.
          This Uplink Power Control feature can be disabled making Channel 1 fixed unity gain the same as Channel 2.
     Channel 2 Gain (fixed):
     Amplitude vs Frequency Response:
     Inband Noise, Output 1:
     Inband Noise, Output 2:
     Three Tone Intermodulation:
     Spurious Signal Amplitude Modulation:
     Group Delay:
0 dB ± 0.1 dB
+0.0 to -0.3 dB, 50 MHz to 90 MHz,
70 MHz reference
<-60 dBm, channel gain at maximum
<-70 dBm, channel gain at unity
<-55 dB relative to single tone power (≤+8 dBm)
<0.1% peak to peak ( –60 db relative to signal power)
< 1.5 nsec, over 70 MHz ± 20 MHz
Channel Switching  
     Either input can be switched to the output based upon loss of input or output power, external closure or serial signal
     Switch commands are B Fail (switch A to output), A Fail (switch B to output) or IF Lineup Tone (lineup tone to output)
     Front panel toggle switch sets priority mode (channel on line with no switch command)
          A Priority (revertive, output on input A with no standing switch command)
          No Priority (non-revertive, output on last input with no standing command)
     Front panel three position toggle switch for manual override
          Force A (switch A input to output)
          Force B (switch B input to output)
          Auto Mode (allow normal switching modes)
     Control Inputs:
          Barrier Strip, #6 screws
          Control Inputs:
               A Fail (switch B input to output)
               B Fail (switch A input to output)
               IF Lineup Tone (switch Lineup Tone to output)
               High Temp (ramp Channel A gain down to unity and then switch Channel B to output)
               Beacon Voltage (satellite receiver beacon voltage, 0 to 10 volts, used for Channel A gain control)
          Control activation based on external closure between two identified screws (provides internal closure to ground)
     Switching speed: <5 milliseconds for external command, <100 milliseconds for internal detection and switching
     TBOS Serial I/O:
          9 pin female D-Sub (DB9F) shielded
          TBOS, RS-422 (daisy-chainable two pair RS-485)
LED Indicators  
     Unit power OK, AC1 and AC2 Power Failure, Unit Fail, IF Out Fail, Switch Off Normal
     A and B Line, A and B Fail, Lineup Tone, Beacon High and Fail, UPC High Temp and Time Out
     Uplink Power Control (UPC) Active, Bargraph Gain Indication from 0 to 15 dB or Maximum Gain
     AC Power Consumption
     AC Input Power Range
     AC Power Connection
30 Watts
100 to 130 VAC, polarized
3 prong IEC 320, grounded, RFI filtered
Physical Characteristics  
     Shelf Size
     Rack Mounting
     Shelf Weight
3.50” H (2 RU), 19” W, 14” D
Flush with rack
9 pounds