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Fial Incorporated
2315 Alarm Encoder, LSP
View larger photos of the 2315 Alarm Encoder, LSP
View larger photos of the 2315 Alarm Encoder, LSP
Key Features:

Robust Low Speed Protocol (LSP)
Ideal for Noisy Data Channels
Wide Range of Telemetry Speeds
Built-in Telemetry Bridging
32 Opto-isolated Alarm Inputs
16 Control Outputs
16 Single-ended (8 Differential)
    Isolated Analog Inputs
Wide Range DC Power Input

Alarm remote accepting alarm contact closure (and optionally analog voltage) inputs and providing remote control relay closure outputs using Low Speed Protocol (LSP) protocol (one or two connections); embedded or Windows configuration program; 1 RU high; multiple rack mounting positions; 18 to 56 VDC floating power supply

Model 2315 Characteristics
Telemetry Channel Interface  
     Two Communication Ports
     15 pin female D-Sub (DB15F) shielded
     Ports 1 and 2
150 to 64,000 bps
Asynchronous Low Speed Protocol (LSP)
Up to twelve 2315s report to a 2015 unit

DTE (RS-422 or RS-232)
Craft Configuration Port  
     9 pin female D-Sub (DB9F) shielded RS-232, 4800 baud
8/N/1, no parity, no flow control
Embedded text configuration program
Windows configuration program
LED Indicators  
      Unit power and unit fail status
Port activity
     Input Power Range
     Power Consumption
     Power Connection
18 to 56 VDC, floating
4 to 9 Watts
Barrier Strip, two #6 screws
(separate chassis ground strap)
     Operating Temperature
     Humidity Range
     Storage Temperature
0 to +50° C
5% to 95%, Non-condensing
-40 to +70° C
Physical Characteristics  
     Shelf Size
     Rack Mounting
     Shelf Weight
1.75” H (1 RU), 19” W, 11” D
Flush, 2” or 5 1/8” projection
5 pounds
Alarm Inputs  
     50 pin female Centronics/Champ 32, optically isolated, 22 kΩ to battery
Programmable Alarm or Status
Programmable delay
Programmable Alarm on ground or on open
Control Outputs  
     50 pin female Centronics/Champ 16, Form C relays
Alarm summary output, Form A relay
Momentary or Latching
1 amp max, 48V DC
0.6 amp max, 110V AC or DC
Analog Voltages (optional, field upgradeable)  
     25 pin female D-Sub (DB25F) shielded 16, ground referenced, single-ended inputs
(use pairs for up to 8 differential inputs,
can use both single-ended and differential)
(0 to 7.5, 15, 30, 60 or 120 VDC)
Polarity and range set via software
52 kΩ to ground, low pass filtered