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Fial Incorporated
2314 & 2316 SNMP Alarm Encoders (RTU)
View larger photos of the 2314 SNMP Alarm Encoder (RTU)
View larger photos of the 2314 SNMP Alarm Encoder (RTU)
2316 Top 

Key Features:

SNMP V2 Alarm and Control
Configurable over the IP network
Ethernet 10/100baseT Port
8 Opto-isolated Alarm Inputs (2314)
 16 Opto-isolated Alarm Inputs (2316)
4 Control Outputs (Form C)
1 Alarm Summary Output
8 Analog Inputs (may be paired
    for differential)
Up to 16 Virtual (Boolean) Alarms
Event Log
Multiple web logins for admin, control,
or view-only
48 Volt DC powered

Alarm remote accepting alarm contact closure and analog voltage inputs and providing remote control relay closure outputs using SNMPv2 protocol, web configuration; 1 RU high; multiple rack mounting positions; 48 VDC floating power supply

Model 2314 / 2316 Characteristics
Ethernet Interface  
     LAN Port
     Performance Data
RJ45 Female
Packets, buffers, comm errors (MIBII)
LED Indicators  
      Power (green)
Summary alarm (red)
LAN port activity (green and amber)
8 Alarm states (red) - 2314
16 Alarm states (red) - 2316
Craft Configuration Port  
     RJ45 RS-232, 9,600 baud
8/N/1, no flow control
     Input Power
     Power Consumption
     Power Connection
48 VDC, floating
4 to 7 Watts
3 Pin Terminal block (+, -, chassis ground)
     Operating Temperature
     Humidity Range
     Storage Temperature
0° to +50° C
5% to 95%, Non-condensing
-40° to +70° C
Physical Characteristics  
     Shelf Size
     Rack Mounting
     Shelf Weight
1.75” H (1 RU), 19” W, 6” D
Flush, or 1 3/4” projection
3.5 pounds
Virtual Alarms  
      16 virtual (Boolean) alarms can
be created combining external
alarms, control states and analog
threshold violations
Alarm Inputs  
      8 (2314) or 16 (2316) 
Opto-isolated, 22K pullups
to station battery
Programmable Alarm severities
Programmable alarm delay before assertion
Control Outputs  
      4 Form C relays, momentary or on/off
1 Alarm summary Form C relay
Relays have 1-Amp DC contacts
Analog Voltages  
      8 ground-referenced, single-ended inputs
(or pair inputs for up to 4 differential inputs)
Alarm/Control/Analog Connector  
      Industry standard 50-pin female Champ
connector with Velcro quick-disconnect
retainer, or screw retainer

Optional 25-pair cable and pre-wired
66-block with cover and legend


   2314 Tech Data Sheet (PDF file size 2.07 MBs)
2314 Tech Data (View as Webpage)
   2314/2316 Manual (PDF file size 1.31 MBs)