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Fial Incorporated

MCS-11 Tunnel Over IP
Model 2701 (1-Port) / Model 2705 (5-Port)

2701/2705 MCS-11 Tunnel Over IP

Transport MCS-11 protocol over
existing IP network
• Configure and view performance data
over the Web
• Bridge MCS-11 islands using TCP/IP
• Connect Masters and isolated groups
of MCS-11 products using TCP/IP

Key Features:
• Connects MCS-11 Islands over IP Network
• One Ethernet 10/100baseT Port
• One (2701) or Five (2705) MCS-11 Ports
• 5 Port MCS-11 Bridging (2705)
• MCS-11 Tunneling to Multiple Remote
IP Addresses
• Distribute MCS-11 addresses across any
number of remotes
• Telemetry Performance Data
• Wide Range DC Power Input
• Fully compatible with existing LAN/WAN
& MCS-11 Networks

Model 2701/2705 Characteristics

Telemetry Channel Interface
2701: One MCS-11 Port, DB15F RS-422 or RS-232 synchronous, DTE or DCE
2705: Five bridged MCS-11 Ports, DB15F Ports 1 through 4 DTE, port 5 DTE/DCE
RS-422 or RS-232 synchronous
(DTE accepts clock, DCE provides
64 kb/s clock)

LAN Port, RJ-45 10/100baseT operation, link & activity
Master connects to multiple remote
units over IP
Each IP connection bridged to single
MCS-11 port (2701) or to internal
MCS-11 bridge (2705)
Remote IP ports not bridged together
(direct connections between remote
IP addresses are blocked)
MCS-11 to IP address routing

Performance Data Statistics via web browser interface (MIBII)
This product can not comprise the MCS-11 path between poll-synchronized polling engines, and may be used to tunnel to an MCS-11 spur from a poll synchronized system.

Craft Configuration Port
9-pin female D-Sub (DB9F) shielded PC COM port connection
RS-232, 9,600 baud
8/N/1, no parity, no flow control
Embedded configuration program
LAN Port (same port as above)— Provides remote configuration via
RJ45 web browser or telnet session

LED Indicators
Unit power and unit fail
MCS-11 TX & RX activity
Lamp test pushbutton, clock-detect function

Input Power Range 18 to 56 VDC, floating
Power Consumption 4 Watts
Power Connection Barrier Strip, two #6 screws
(separate chassis ground strap)


Operating Temperature 0° to +50° C
Humidity Range 5% to 95%, Non-condensing
Storage Temperature -40° to +70° C

Physical Characteristics
Shelf Size 1.75" (1 RU) H, 19" W, 11" D
Rack Mounting Flush, 2" or 5 1/8" projection
Shelf Weight 6 pounds

Fial Incorporated has developed a nationwide reputation
for the design of microprocessor-controlled hardware
and the development of software for custom applications
at a competitive price.

We have been in business since 1978 with one basic
objective: to provide functional, cost-effective solutions
while maintaining strong communication links with
every customer.

Fial Incorporated’s products encompass a wide range
of telecommunications alarm monitoring equipment that
support multiple protocols including SNMP, MCS-11,
TBOS, ELMC and TL-1. Our devices include protocol
converters, remote encoders, synchronous packet data
bridges, baseband and IF protection switch products,
and other specialized equipment.