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Fial Incorporated

SNMP Alarm Encoder
Model 2311 AL

2311AL RTU

Key Features:
• Add SNMP V2 Alarms and Controls
to existing IP network
• Configure, control and view local
status over the Web, HTTPS, SSL
• Fully compatible with existing
LAN/WAN IP networks
• Supports actual and virtual alarms
with traps and tables
• Allows local control via sets
• Optionally provides analog voltage
table with threshold alarms
• 32 front panel alarm LEDs
• SNMP V2 Alarm and Control
• Configurable over the IP Network
• Ethernet 10/100baseT Port
• Optional Modem Connectivity
• 32 Opto-isolated Alarm Inputs
• Up to 16 Virtual Alarms
• 16 Control Outputs
• 1 Alarm Summary Output
• 16 Single-ended (8 Differential) Isolated
Analog Inputs (optional)
• Wide Range DC Power Input

Model 2311 AL Characteristics
Ethernet Interface
LAN Port 10/100baseT
RJ-45 Female
Performance Data Packets, buffers, comm errors (MIBII)
LED Indicators
Power (green)
Unit fail (red)
Summary alarm (amber)
Critical alarm (red)
Major alarm (red)
Minor alarm (amber)
Control asserted (green)
LAN port activity (green and amber)
Craft Configuration Port
9-pin female D-Sub (DB9F) shielded RS-232, 9,600 baud
8/N/1, no parity, no flow control
Embedded ethernet configuration program
Input Power Range 18 to 56 VDC, floating
Power Consumption 4 to 7 Watts
Power Connection Barrier Strip, three #6 screws
(+, -, chassis ground)
Operating Temperature 0° to +50° C
Humidity Range 5% to 95%, Non-condensing
Storage Temperature -40° to +70° C
Physical Characteristics
Shelf Size 1.75" H (1 RU), 19" W, 11" D
Rack Mounting Flush, 2" or 5 1/8" projection
Shelf Weight 5 pounds
Virtual Alarms
Up to 16 virtual alarms can be created by Boolean logic combinations of external
alarms, control states and analog threshold violations
Alarm Inputs
50-pin female Centronics/Champ 32, Opto-isolated, 22 k½ to station battery
Programmable as Alarm or Status
Programmable alarm delay before assertion
Control Outputs
50-pin female Centronics/Champ 16, Form C relays
1 Alarm summary output, Form A relay
Momentary or Latching
Programmable NO or NC
1 amp max, DC; 0.6 amp max, AC
Analog Voltages (optional, field upgradeable)
25-pin female D-Sub (DB25F) shielded 16, ground-referenced, single-ended inputs
(use pairs for up to 8 differential inputs,
can use both single-ended and differential)
Each input has: 5 plus or minus ranges
(0 to 7.5, 15, 30, 60 or 120 VDC);
Polarity and range set via software;
52 k½ to ground, low pass filtered.
Sensor Power (+5 VDC) Output

Fial Incorporated has developed a nationwide reputation
for the design of microprocessor-controlled hardware
and the development of software for custom applications
at a competitive price.

We have been in business since 1978 with one basic
objective: to provide functional, cost-effective solutions
while maintaining strong communication links with
every customer.

Fial Incorporated’s products encompass a wide range
of telecommunications alarm monitoring equipment
and support multiple protocols, including SNMP, TL1,
MCS-11, Farscan, Badger, TBOS, ELMC and others.
Our devices include protocol converters, remote
encoders, synchronous packet data bridges,
baseband and IF protection switch products, and
other specialized equipment.