SS15 build

I'm building 8 SS15s designed by JBell. This is my photo blog of the build process. More info about this design can be found here.

9 sheets of birch plywood

getting ready to cut the first sheet

stack of cut wood

t-nuts, screws and washers for the driver and casters

32 casters

Eminence 3015lf, got 8 of these

templates used to cut handles and drill holes for casters and baffle

using the router to cut driver hole

router work done for handles and baffle

test fit of parts

another angle

back side, holes in the back are for the speakon connector

epoxying the t-nuts on the baffle

finished with all the major cuts and holes

this is the back brace, still need to drill holes to lighten it up

painting the inside handle corners

more painting

one last test fit

castors on backs

epoxy castor t-nuts

castors on backs

back with castors and speakon connector

close up of sloppy epoxy, good thing this side will be on the inside

64 holes total in braces

painting braces

more paint

shooting the PL premium glue

ratchet clamps

side view of 4 glued up boxes

inside after glue has dried, 2 corner reflector still need to be added

4 boxes stacked up

close up with driver mounted to test how it sounds

assembly line

assembly line

before reflectors installed

after reflectors installed

Ummm... more PL

one last side to put on

inside 2

last shot of the inside

side shot

all 8 glue is done

other side

all 8 stacked up

gluing corners

corners will be used to hold the grill

bondo applied

waiting to be sanded

after sanding

insides painted

outside needs paint

primer on 5 sides

1 coat primer, 4 coats Duratex done on 5 sides, 1 more side to go

close up of texture

connectors, gasket, shrink wrap and wire

close up after soldering

speakon connectors done

castors mounted

drivers mounted